What to consider when thinking about Bar Interior design

What to consider when thinking about Bar Interior design

We need to connect with strangers and re-connect with friends in a place where the vibe is great and the ambiance is brimming with life and leisure.

Weekends and summer are the perfect times to frequent these places when people program their minds to think about fun and exciting activities; to dance and party at the hottest clubs in town and to check out hip and newly-opened bars.

It is a wonder though how some of these places stay popular and fully packed each Friday night and others change their names or owners after just a short Starting clubs and bars, like all other business ventures, is risky.

There are a lot of factors to be weighed and considered if one of these establishments is going to prosper.

The owner must know his target market; what age group will be interested in the place, the social status of the people it will attract, and the focus of the bar, which could be the food, the selection and presentation of drinks or the kind of entertainment it will provide, or all of the above.

When all of these factors have been analyzed and considered, the next step will be to find out what will make this bar or club stand out from the rest at the onset and what will help it sustain its luster on a long term basis.

Advertising is a tool to introduce this bar to the public, however advertising without a concrete idea of the product is a futile task.

What this bar needs first and foremost is an evidently fresh design; its own identity.

This is what will create the ambiance of the place which in turn will determine if the bar is worth checking out or not.

This is also where modern interior design can come into play.

Bar Style: Exclusive Hotels and Members’ Club Bar Design (Interior Angles)Imagine a bar with a dining area and a dance floor.

You need a huge space for these two main area requirements to fit in.

Below are the bar interior design ideas that will come into play in this type of space.

This area should be interesting and well-designed because this will persuade the people to come and join the hyper-energetic vibe of the party going on inside.

In most upscale clubs this is equal to an exquisitely luxurious hotel lobby with a grand staircase leading up to the main bar and dance area.

Think red carpet and famous celebrities having their pictures taken by the media and local socialites mingling with the most fashionable people in different industries.

The bar lobby is where the guest-listed people and VIPs are welcomed so the reception desk should be long to accommodate several event promoters checking who gets in and The queue of party-goers will be designated accordingly, so the aisles should be wide to fit in two to three lines at the entrance and if the space will permit,

the exit should be in a different location so the crowd doesn’t get out-of-hand and confused.

Some bars that just cater to the drinking group can have the traditional main door that will lead to the dining area and the bar counter directly, just like the road to profit for bars is not just in the entrance fees and VIP reservations, but most basically at how many glasses of liquor, cocktail drinks and food are

In that respect, the bar should be visible at first glance when you enter the main area.

It is the oasis for alcohol-thirsty clubbers and the means to having an enjoyable time for some visitors.

Preferably, they are placed at the side of the dance floor as accessible refilling stations.

These bars can be raised to a level higher than the dance floor or vice versa so that area division can be defined.

The multi-leveled steps can be lighted by neon lights or LED so that they glow in the dark.

Intoxication blurs the mind but with a little help from well-lit steps, you might still navigate your way through the bar without falling over and spilling your drinks.

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