Choosing the right furniture for Cubicle office

When suppliers of office cubicles present their ideas to the prospective clients, they will display a wide variety of office cubicle designs that not only include how the desks and cubicle partition walls are structured but also the materials to be used in the fabrication. There are ready made office cubicles found in furniture showrooms and home stores. They can be used in a small office with limited space for office cubicles with different designs. However, with big companies who wish to have their office cubicles manufactured by a specific supplier or a furniture company, then customization and designing can be a lot more innovative and creative. They can specify which type of structures should be adapted, which kind of materials and finishes will be used, and especially which type of direction the designs will take with regards to satisfying distinct company requirements. The office cubicle design planning should be implemented before fabrication can be finalized. As in any design project, the planning stage should include actual site measurement, interviews and surveys of occupants’ needs and preferences and formulation of a design scheme for the office cubicles that will be suitable for the overall scheme of the office.

Previous office cubicle designs offer that uniform and bland look using laminated or veneered materials with only the safest and most boring color combinations such as blue and white, black and grey, green and white, etc. Private and government offices alike specify distinct designs and colors for the office cubicles they want to have customized. However, they still retain the notion that they want it to be the same ones for every cubicle. At the present though, these traditional and conservative approach to office cubicle designs have been modified and improved. They have stepped out of their safe and conformist zones. The designs maintain the trademark of the company they represent however, they are more diverse in forms and new color palettes have been introduced. Instead of two-toned walls, now they have 5 colors for each combination. The desks and office partitions in a wide general office area can have different colors for each row or alternate colors in each line. The forms are also different from the past versions. They have curved corners, multi-functional desks and drawer cabinets,and partitions of varying heights that create an interesting shape throughout the entire office.

The office cubicle designers have been more experimental and exploratory when it comes to the materials they use. Textured glass and smoked glass paired with veneer wood for the partitions turn out to be quite sleek and modern. The addition of peek-a-boo wood and glass partitions with distinct silhouettes make an office take on a well-designed look. It is quite incredible how rich and soft fabrics that were only suited in residential buildings can now be incorporated in the interiors of the office. Padded leather walls of office cubicles can lend an inviting and friendly atmosphere to the work space. If the walls and ceilings of an office can be re-designed, so can the office cubicles. The design of the office interiors no longer stops with the elements added to the walls, ceilings, columns and private offices, it continues to the specific work spaces of the employees who can personalize their spaces in order for them to be comfortable and well-adjusted. Working in a functional and aesthetically pleasing corporate environment helps every employer, supervisor and employee to become inspired in their jobs which results to individual and professional productivity.

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